The Vale Scottish Dancers
at Eastwell Village Hall Eastwell, Melton Mowbray LE14 4EH
Thanks to Tony Milne of Edge Reels (C) Roddy Martine & Andrew Campbell
We welcomed 2 new members to the class. Continuing with working on reels, we started with Ecclefechan Feline, and then tried The Montgomeries’ Rant, with the more experienced dancers partnering  our beginners. Indian River Strathspey combines reels of 3 with Hands Across, Ladies’ Chain and Rights & Lefts, all of which we have now introduced. Hooper’s Jig appears quite straightforward but is, in fact, quite an exercise in timing, and we were less successful with this dance. Another 5-couple Roy Goldring dance, The Morrison Measure is a symmetrical combination of reels of 3 and Hands Across, the first 16 bars all Right shoulder/hand and the remaining 16 bars all Left. The four couple strathspey Butterscotch & Honey is also a good strathspey for beginners if partnered by a more experienced dancer. Our more experienced dancers, who may be going to the Market Harborough Dance on Saturday 26th September, danced the John Drewry dance Lothian Lads, which was written for George Meikle and his Lothian Band. We finished the evening with Postie’s Jig (and encore!).
 Thursday 10th September 2015 7.30 to 9.30pm
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